Ploughshare Mixer





    Ploughshare mixer is a new and high effiency powder mixing equipment. According to thematerial,lt can be divided into stainless steel plough mixer and carbon steel ploughshare mixer. According to thestructure type, It can be divided into horizontal ploughshare mixer and multifunctional ploughshare mixer, etc.rhe coulter of ploughshare mixer rotate along with the main shaft makig the material radial circular motionalong with the cylinder, at the same time the material flow to blade group, then dispersed by high speed rotatingscatter, cyclic process like this, material homogeneous mixing in a short time.Ploughshare mixer consists of thedrive part, horizontal cylinder, coulter group, blade group, discharging valve, etc.


     Our factory can design the equipment according to user’s specific requirements. 
    For the fast update of the technology, we will change the technical data without notice, and the right parameters are subject to the real product.

    If you are not certain of which type to choose, please call us and our profession sales engineers will recommend for you.